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What is Canine Massage?

Canine massage is a hands on therapeutic approach along with various deep tissue techniques that help to both relax and positively affect your dog.


For Canine Massage Clients

• Competitive athlete
• Hunting partners
• Companinon that enjoys:playing fetch, jogging, walking,or swimming
• Primarily exercises on the weekends
• Stressed or anxious
• Rescued
• Senior aged or less active
• Dog that has:
arthritis, spondylosis, hip dysplasia, amputations or other physical disabilities.
• Unexplained attitude changes
• Hesitates or refuses to climb stairs or jump
• Stumbles while walking or has a shortened stride
• Experiencing difficulty
bending laterally
• Recovering patient from injury
or a surgery


How you can help your pup

• Enhance physical performance
• Increases circulation
• Improves flexibility and range of motion
• Develops and maintains muscle tone
• Reduces stress and aids in relaxation by releasing endorphins
• Enhances bonding in newly adopted dogs
• Helps relieve the effects of stiffness and joint discomfort
• Helps dogs rehabilitate after surgeries and other traumas
• Prevents muscle loss from inactive muscles
• Enhances the removal of toxins in the body
As a reminder, canine sports massage is not an alternative to veterinary medicine, it does not diagnose or treat. Please consult your veterinarian on all recommendations. If your dog fits into any of these, canine massage can change their life!

Our Story

I have spent my whole life around animals as I grew up as an only child on a farm. My best friends were the animals that surrounded me, and I always found myself caring for the injured or infirm. Along with caring for various farm animals, I spent my youth showing horses. About 15 years ago, I discovered the world of dog sports and life has not been the same since. I always had dogs growing up as companion animals around the farm or hunting companions in the field, so it was natural to bring dogs into my adult life.

One little yellow lab named Ellie took me and her pack mates head-first into the world of dog sports. It was also through Ellie that I discovered the benefits of canine massage. Ellie loved dog agility and was a very exuberant girl, and this made her prone to injuries especially as she got a bit older. The benefits of regular massage work kept her performing at her peak and still able to do the things that she loved.

Shortly after Ellie crossed the Bridge, I decided that I wanted to bring another potential agility prospect onto our home and turned to a familiar rescue organization, RAGOM (Retrieve a Golden of Minnesota). After we put in our application and put in our application, I received a very special email. This email was from a RAGOM foster, but was written from the perspective of a very sweet dog named Faith. Faith proceeded to tell me all about herself and asked that instead of bringing in another agility prospect, would I consider training a blind dog to do therapy work. My husband Dean and I talked at length about the challenges of adopting a blind dog. We decided to pack up the family and go meet Faith, a 9 month old golden mix who was surrendered along with two siblings to RAGOM as puppies.

It was truly love at first greeting. Faith provided kisses and won us all over. Faith was born blind, but she has not let her handicap stop her for one second. She is truly the sweetest and happiest dog that I have ever met and she wins over the hearts of all who meet her. She lives her life with blind faith that we will keep her safe and allow her to thrive. Faith has truly been an inspiration to me on how to live every day with joy. She inspired me to leave my corporate job and pursue my passion of canine massage and caring holistically for dogs in order to improve their quality of life and ability to do the things that bring them and their human family joy. To Faith, I dedicate this journey…

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